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Indiana: reading for recreation

In November of last year, Indy Parks and Recreation decided to put a new partnership in the books--one with Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (IMCPL). The partnership established satellite libraries in seven of Indy's recreation facilities.

The joint effort will include IMCPL providing Internet access to Web sites that relate to current educational activities, as well as IMCPL supplying books and magazines on mobile carts to encourage reading about recreation topics such as fitness and the environment.

This partnership will also allow users to check out books online at a recreation center, and then pick the book up at their library branch. Indy Parks hopes the additional computers and resources will also help children with projects and after-school homework while they are at a recreation center.

This is just one of many partnerships that Indy Parks has entered into, supplementing its $31 million annual budget. The collaborations with outside organizations has supplied the agency with programs that otherwise would not be funded.

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