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3 Tips For Purchasing Inflatable Boats
Many people are in the market for a new inflatable boat, and I wanted to provide a few tips that I've learned from experience about inflatable boats, and purchasing them. These tips will save you time and could very well save you a ton of money as well. If you're in the market for an inflatable boat, you understand the convenience they provide. They can be carried from here to there in a bag for God's sake! [.....]

Facility Design and Management for Health, Fitness, Physical Activity,..
Now in its eleventh edition, the spiral bound textbook, Facility Design And Management For Health, Fitness, Physical Activity, Recreation, And Sports Facility Development, is augmented with new chapters on financial management, promotions, public relations, merchandising, ticket operations, programming, as well as event and risk management. [.....]

Indiana: reading for recreation
In November of last year, Indy Parks and Recreation decided to put a new partnership in the books--one with Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (IMCPL). The partnership established satellite libraries in seven of Indy's recreation facilities. [.....]

New recreation center stands tall
At just over 62,000 square feet, the new Laramie Community Recreation Center, located on a 24-acre site within the recently developed Turner Tract in Colorado, features state-of-the-industry recreation and aquatic areas. Built by hometown architect Bob McDonald and Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative, he worked tirelessly with the city and the community to design a recreation center that encompasses everyone's plans. [.....]

Recreational and Outdoor Safety
One of the joys of life is participating in recreational or sporting activities. To reduce stress, improve cardiovascular conditioning, and promote our own personal spirituality, some people find that there is nothing more satisfying than being outdoors. Regardless of the season there are risks if personal alertness is not maintained. Heat-or cold-related emergencies are always a potential problem. [.....]

Scuba Diving Safety
Get proper training - Being comfortable underwater will go a long way towards having a safe dive. Proper training is one key to being comfortable underwater. The beginning of proper training is to get your open water certification. If you go diving in caves, caverns, wrecks, etc., you should also have the proper training for this type of dive. Don't dive beyond your ability. [.....]

Sea Kayaking Apparel - Stay Comfortable and Safe
Kayaking is a sport that is loved by many. It is filled with excitement and adventures that cannot be produced by any other type of sport. However, when you go sea kayaking, you want to make sure that you have the right clothing to stay comfortable and safe. This is where sea kayaking apparel comes into play. These are specially designed outfits that can greatly enhance your adventures and keep you safer. There are many reasons why you should wear sea kayaking apparel. [.....]

Skating - An Elegant Sport
Skating is an elegant sport. It is a sport which can charm and enthrall you and brings magic and enchantment in the air. When you see the performers glide on the skating ring effortlessly and perform stupendous antics, you are bound to feel awed by their talent. [.....]

The first stage - family-created musical and theatrical performances as recreation
Before computers, video games, and dozens of TV channels with nothing on, there was home theater. Not the big-screen TV, DVD player, and speakers, but the real thing. Whether in the grip of boredom, or creativity, kids put on shows for parents, grandparents, and any patient soul they could entice. Skits and musical acts took place in the living room or garage. [.....]

Your recreation company for life
From the moment we introduced our first playground over 30 years ago, we've had three goals at Playworld Systems[R]: to provide fun, safe and quality playgrounds for kids, to remain a family owned business, and to always value and appreciate our customers and employees. [.....]

Before Buying a Boat
From time immemorial, people have been using sail boats for travel as well as pleasure. Sailboats can catch your fancy any day and leave you mesmerized and so blissfully happy. [.....]
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