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My Bodypart
Users can rate or submit bodyparts.
Norwich Top Ten
Ratings of people from Norwich, England.
Rate photos of people with underwear on their heads. Includes archives.
People With Signs
Rate photos of people with signs that express their inner thoughts or submit a picture and create a sign of your own. [requires Flash 6]
Pet Cabaret
Send in your picture and see how it rates according to votes by visitors.
Photo War
Vote for cooler of two photos. Add your own and see how it fares.
Photos Rating
Rate men and women on the internet. Submit your own pictures to be rated.
Pic Rank
Rank pictures or others or submit pictures of yourself.
Pic Rank
Rank pictures or others or submit pictures of yourself.
Rate, upload, and send greeting cards with pictures of anything ranging from people to cars.
Pick The Hottie
Instead of rating pictures from 1 to 10, visitors are presented with two random pictures and simply have to choose the best one.
PicPoints service allows you to set-up your own independent picture rating service with your own theme.
Pics 4 Rating
Picture rating and match making. Top 10 male and female lists, member profiles and chat room.
Picture Judge
Rate pictures on a scale from 1 to 10; categories include celebrities, models, ordinary people, kids, couples and pets.
Picture Rating
How am I for all? Photo contest to rate your picture or your friends photo.
Upload your pictures to be voted on, you can also create picture albums and edit your pictures on the site.[Requires registration]
Vote or rate the pictures of other people and get yours rated too. Top 50 men, top 50 women and member profiles.
Planet Face
Visitors rate members pictures on a scale of 0 to 11. Features top 11 women and bottom 11 women pages.
Vote images from 1 to 5 stars or upload your own. Includes top 25 and recent images.
Pose With Your Toaster
Submit your own toaster-posing picture and vote for your friends' pictures. Features top 10 and picture of the week.
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