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Lunch is Fun
Lunches recorded and rated for tastiness.
A look a retro foodstuffs.
My Slurpee Cup
Humor, games, quizzes, tips, addiction list, and information about 7-Eleven and Slurpees in Canada and the US.
Ninja Burger
The only fast-food restaurant run entirely by ninjas.
Pizzas By Post
Virtual pizza on the web, and home of the Pizza Portal collection of pizza links.
Planet Ketchup
A world of information and passionate babbling about everybody's favorite condiment.
Planet Ranch
A tribute to this popular food dressing.
Retro Recipes
Features a collection of the worst recipe cards. Organized by categories devoted to Jell-O molds, Tuna bakes, Hot Dog casseroles, and creepy looking cakes.
Humor sections include recipe for disaster, master chef, and a special of the day.
Save The Cookies
News and views relating to this relative of the common biscuit.
Sinkie International
The international association of people who dine over the kitchen sink. Features a Sinkie FAQ and membership certificates.
Visitors can create a virtual pizza for themselves, or send one to a friend.
Featuring a variety of scientific experiments on this popular snack food.
The Association for the Study of Meats
Seeks to promote community awareness of the issues associated with various canned meat food products.
The Chilli Source
All about the greasy world of the Doner Kebab.
The Curmudgeon's Home Companion
Food writing with an unusual ingredient, a sense of humor.
The House of Werthers
A site dedicated to the Werthers Originals candy.
Three Hams
Pictures of ham. Visitors can request more ham at their own risk.
Vegan Police
A comical look at the more judgemental side of veganism.
Wow Wife's Wine
Humor about wine and marriage.
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