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NC - Trigger Time Firearms Training
Provides firearms training to federal agencies, the defense department, state and local police, and the security industry. Carthage, North Carolina, serving Moore County.
NH - SIGARMS Academy
Courses in Personal Protection, Gun Safety, as well as expert law enforcement training. Epping, New Hampshire.
NJ - New Jersey Firearms Academy
Courses in the promotion of firearm safety and marksmanship education.
NV - Camp CQB
Firearms and Tactical Training Center. 9 firing ranges, live-fire tactical mockups, classrooms, camp sites and restroom/shower facility. Silver Springs, Nevada
NV - Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts
Provides modern firearms and self-defense training for personal combat by integrating tactical pistol instruction, edged weapons and unarmed combat tactics. Las Vegas.
NY - Sportsmen's Association for Firearms Education
New York organization concerned with the rights of firearms owners. Reviews proposed legislation from federal to local levals that affect same.
OH - Brenzovich Firearms and Training Center
Home firearm safety; Advanced and basic handgun, shotgun and rifle; personal protection and pepper spray training. Other related activities are also conducted.
OK - Shoot-N-Iron Practical Shooting and Training Academy
Defensive and competitive handgun, rifle, and shotgun training classes. Personal self-defense weapons instruction. Small arms civilian, law enforcement, and military self defense, tactical, and marksmanship training.
Olympic champion Lanny Bassham's site on Mental Training for Sport
A system of mental training used to improve sports competition.
Personal Defense Training
GA - Basic to advanced training in shooting, unarmed self-defense and edged weapons to individuals, corporations and law enforcement/military personnel.
Real Guns
Providing information about gun licensing, safety, control and other related items.
TN - Cumberland Tactics
'You won't rise to the occasion - you'll default to your level of training.' Handgun, shotgun, rifle and law enforcement classes. Mobile training facility.
TN - Firearm Fundamentals with George Kontis
Firearm operating principles are explained in an easy-to-understand format. Subjects include: interior & exterior ballistics, recoil, barrel wear, headspace, and muzzle devices.
TN - Personal Responsibility, Inc. - Nashville
PRI is a private facility in Nashville, Tennessee, that trains people who wish to improve their firearms skills or to obtain a license.
TN - Rangemaster
Full-service shooting range in Memphis, TN. Full educational program, from basic pistol instruction for the State handgun carry permit to advanced tactical classes.
TN - Tactical Response Defense Training
Pistol, shotgun, carbine, precision rifle, baton, knife, empty hand; classes in all areas of personal defense. Big Sandy, Tennessee.
Turnipseed Technique Firearms Instruction
Bio-mechanically correct shooting method. Reduces felt recoil tremendously allowing accurate rapid-fire. Body indexing for aimed but unsighted accuracy. Ideal for realistic close-quarters defense. Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix AZ.
TX - Cleverdon Shooting Clinic
Instruction for: Bird Hunters Of All Levels, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Rifle & Pistol, Men, Women, Children (12yr +). (Houston, TX)
TX - Collin County Gun Range
A full-service public shooting & training facility serving the North Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area.
TX - Concealed Handgun License - Texas
Concealed handgun license training by certified instructors. The Texas CHL course includes use of force, non-violent dispute resolution, and basic marksmanship in Austin, Texas.
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