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Mexicans in Black
Investigates the appearance of illegal aliens in the New Mexico desert. Includes agent profiles and weapon information.
Spoof pages on a variety of topics.
Moronica - Corporate Intranet (Rebranded)
The newly rebranded corporate entity moronica (note friendly lower case name) is proud to announce that it's intranet is now online!
Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up
Concerned individuals who want to stop peeing standing up, support the victims (those who have to clean up), and prevent unnecessary urine stream fragmentation.
National Organization to Outlaw Cellphones
Movement to rid the world of cellphones and save people from phone dependency.
National Rifle Association Christian Bible Choir
Christians who take patriotism one stage too far.
NOPAL - The Official Home
Popular culture spoofs including NOPAL, Mexicans in Black, the M-Files, and The Studio.
Pajahmo Research Center
Parody of a huge research center. Funny pics and stories. Check out tip of the month and get your questions answered by the researchers.
Parody Pages
Spoof movies, advertisements, celebrities, companies and products.
Pea City News & Events
Pea City, Landsfill County's guide to real estate, careers, finance, and opportunities.
Phatboy's House of Phat
This site is so phat that it should go on a diet.
Project Bike Hotrod
Spoof of government conspiracy to cover up the existence of 'Above Top Secret' hypersonic craft.
Spoof charity: the Society Against The Absolutely Needless Kicking Of Canines, Kids, Handicapped, Old, and Retarded people.
Savannah Says
Romance advice no-one should actually take.
Save Barbie
Parody site about a Barbie doll who is in serious financial debt.
CEO cyberpanhandling to move operations offshore at the expense of domestic workers.
Poking fun at educational establishments and internet service providers.
Sloan Squared - Scottish Humour
Kids rebelling against popular programming, mark hamill haters, people who like to rant. Consequently quite a bit of immature swearing.
Spaz Out New York
Part parody and part satire, with a humorous look at life for urban New Yorkers.
The Big Box
Fictional large retailer, operating mega-malls that close all other local businesses down.
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