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Funny Stories
Collection of short funny stories.
Grave Times
Humorous stories, including a little vasectomy operation...
Hectic Planet
Collection of humorous and weird stories. Vote for your favorite and submit your own.
Humor Is Relative
Locate humorous collections of stories about the one thing we all have in common: family.
I Used to Believe
Over 8000 examples of common or bizarre childhood beliefs, organised by topic.
Imitation Pickles
A life-changing, emotionaly charged collection of bizzare tales, java games and things written by Philip the man Hassey.
In Passing
Bizarre, tragic, true and sometimes hilarious things a college girl overhears during the course of her day.
It's In My Pants
Collection anecdotes, stereotypes, bias, and vanity.
Japan Lite
Amy Chavez's weekly humor column from the Japan Times.
Kevin Ginsberg
A collection of short stories with a very unique style.
Kids With Tasers
Online humor, magazine-style, discussing pop culture, and politics.
Life of Bob
The sad story of a loser and his feckless friend.
Mission Implausible
Follow humor writer Suzanne Schlosberg as she attempts to compensate for 33 years of irrelevance by going on a wild binge of volunteering.
Explores the meaning of life, the universe, and our all too human condition, through music, art, poetry, and the time honored tradition of story telling. We also offer high quality midi files of rare music and lyrics.
Humorous articles and stories with a bizarre take on Movies, TV and everything else that matters.
Pete TV
Features the 'lost' Seinfeld episode, the Weekly Pete, Barfly, and the Dear Abby prank.
Stories that have what people find annoying, bizarre, mundane, or just plain ridiculous in life. Visitors can also submit their own stories.
PR Bop
Weird and wonderful things that are sent over the PR wires. The following wires are used: PRNewswire, Business Wire, AScribe, MarketWire, and Newswise.
A humor site where people who work in retail can post their anecdotes about their jobs, and customers.
RLA's Joywagon Spectacular
Both chapters from RLA's commentary on life, and writings from other visitors.
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