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Rocket Car Story
A possibly true story about four guys who attach a jet engine to their car.
Sarr Chasm
Short stories, micro-fiction and personal observations.
Satire by Sroka
Bizarre and offbeat stories for adults, covering a wide variety of topics, plus the uncanny predictions of someone who has been dead for centuries.
The Lads from Lagos - a collection of funny scam letters (supposedly from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation).
Selected Works of Henry E. Panky
Features articles, reviews, shorts and archives. Includes author biography.
Stories by Mike Hogan
Humorous short stories from one who has it all wrong. Includes revealing theories on life's little embarrassments, large surprises and extra large underpants.
Storyhoc Network
Small-town newspaper written by a small group of high school students.
Monthly humorous column, evaluating life's frustrations, anticipations and aggravations.
The Big Big Planet
A respository of humorous observations, open to contributors from around the world.
The Bonkworld Organization
The world of the absurd, full of original humorous writings and other entertaining and informative tricks and japes.
The Damnedest Things You Have Ever Seen
Ten pages of amusing and embarrassing stories, and a few pictures. Submissions encouraged.
The Farcical Dilettante
Includes the Dilettante litmus test, short stories, time travel conversations, evil television, and pontifications.
The FunnyGuy
Lampoons love, psychology, business, politics, and positive thinking!
The Hammerheads Adventures
Originial humorous stories from Cumbria, UK.
The Little Engine that Could
Stories related to a high-mileage Mazda saloon.
The Tennessee Firefly
A weekly humor column, jokes, archives, and cartoons by Sheila Moss.
The World According to Squarf
Everything you always wanted to know, plus rants, raves, photos and hilarious stories.
Three Students' Revenge
Three college students relieve stress by holding a book-burning at the end of the semester.
Unspeakably Stupid Stories
A twisted, immature individual's adventures.
Vikram Chauhan
Short humorous tales from India.
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