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Advice, inspiration and excuses for not going into work. Submit your favorite hooky story.
I Hate Customers
Where the customer is always wrong. Read and share stories about bad experiences with members of the public.
I Love Boxes
Stories of experiences working in a glorified box factory with a collection of social misfits.
I Should Be Working
Look busy while you slack off and play games or read jokes on this site.
Read, vent or share anonymous work related stories about foolish coworkers and bosses.
Job Trapping
Stories and humor about job hunting and unemployment.
Jokes relating to different jobs and professions, plus some general humor.
Kill Our Boss
An office humour web site by slaves, for slaves.
Laid Off: A No Nothing Production
An animated story of Odd Todd's life after he has been laid off from his job. Includes downloads, personal thoughts, and related links. Tip jar accepts PayPal donations.
Midnight Plumbers
News, plumbing advice and horse racing tips.
Military Jokes
Jokes about and for members of the armed forces.
Minimum Wage Superhero
The story of a fast food restaurant worker blessed with superhuman powers.
Morons of America
Awards and certficates of recognition for the intellectually challenged in the workplace.
My Barge
Photographs of the stuggles and triumphs of a construction barge in West Africa. Features lots of rats.
My Job is a Joke
Fun things to do to annoy coworkers, polls and a daily humorous journal.
Not My Desk
Views on the workplace and life from a jobbing temp.
Off The Boss Online
How to survive working for a Bonehead Boss.
Office Ball Games
Overview of games designed for office environment. Large selection of quotations plus references to internet money making schemes.
Office Diversions
Diversions, games, humor and chat aimed at lowering productivity.
Office Funnies
Share office whines, woes, and frustration. Includes copier madness, a sound-off forum, and harmless software.
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