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Economy and Trading
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49th West Games: Explorium
Search for gold, silver, and copper. Site contains game information and sales.
Based on the folkgame created by Quaker. Contains information about the history of Monopoly by the author of the book 'The Billion Dollar Monopoly Swindle'.
Cashflow 101 Boardgame
Information on the game including a review and how to play.
Fortune Seeker - The Board Game for The 21st Century
Fortune Seeker is a board game of fortune that never plays the same way twice. This site is the official site concerning the game.
Hard Times Games
Illustrated the importance of money management. Site features game history, reviews, and purchasing information.
Late For the Sky Production Company Custom Games
Late for the Sky Production Company online ordering of collegeopoly, bibleopoly, city-in-a-box, specialty, and custom made board games.
Life on the Farm Board Game
This board game about life on a family farm was created by a farm family, using real farm life experiences! Award winning fun for ages 8 to 108.
Monopoly Collector
Game history, facts about different versions, site owner's collection, official rules, and some sales.
News, merchandise, history, tournaments.
A monopoly directory with rules, history, graphics, books, articles, software, forums, playsites, leagues, and tournaments.
Mutual Mania
An exciting, competitive and educational board game that provides a realistic simulation of the world of mutual fund investing. The object of the game is to maximize wealth through the shrewd buying and selling of the 9 mutual funds offered.
Oil Board Game
Features rules and playing pieces for the now out of print 1970's game.
Orange County Cashflow
An Orange County, California based variant. Has a discussion group.
S3D Connector
Online game finder and ELO ladder ranking for Sea3D Windows based 3-dimensional Settlers software.
The Composite Index Game
The exciting new Stock Market Game for adults and children alike!
The Weekend Farmer Co
The Farming Game, invented on the seat of a tractor, is an economical game where you take part time jobs to get enough money to be able to live on your farm.
Ulcers Board Game
Documents the rules and playing pieces of an out of print game.
University of Catan
Scenario directory, FAQ and listing of available game products.
Online Catan using custom software. Catan related chat and ranking system. Only Windows supported.
A game about getting rich through investing, buying real estate, accounting, and financial management.
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