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War and Politics
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Axis and Allies

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Squad Leader scenarios, tactics, strategies, and forums.
Armour Page
Free downloadable gaming materials, including rules, software, scenarios, and at least one complete boardgame
Australian Design Group
ADG, original designers of Empires in Arms, current designers and publishers of World in Flames. Mailing list, FAQ, PDF zipped errata, on line product ordering.
GMT Games: Wargames, Military Simulations
GMT Games web site with descriptions of games, a discussion site, an order area, and news.
India Wargamers
A wargaming group. Games played includes Piquet, Ancient Warfare and De Bellis Multitudinis. With battle reports, campaign notes, articles, and list of players.
Kamikaze Battle for Moscow
Kamikaze Wargames Designers' freeware computer version for the PC.
Life as a Liberal; Life as a Conservative
A satirical political game. Includes pictures and game information.
Includes rules, strategies, a message board, and purchasing.
Megagame Makers
For anyone visiting who has no idea what this is all about, welcome, and have a look around. These are not computer games, aren't played by email (or snail mail) but are about face-to-face play between real people in real time.
Memoir '44
A Historical Board Game by Richard Borg. The Official Game of the 60th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings and Liberation of France.
Official Advanced Squad Leader Website
ASL website provided by Multi-Man Publishing. Purchase ASL stuff on-line; find Q&A and other ASL goodies.
Phoenix Command Unofficial Support Page
A source of experimental rules, new weapons data, and vehicle data for Phoenix Command.
Politics the Board Game
A game emulating the highs and lows of a political career. Offers rules, photographs, and purcahsing.
SPW - Schroeder Publishing and Wargames
'Der Weltkrieg' (German for 'The World War'). Eventually - campaigns in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East from 1900 to the present. Currently 3 WWI games.
Squares - The Civil War Battle Game
A strategy game of military maneuvers and tactics. Includes rules, ordering information, and how to make a copy of the game.
Tenjo - The Strategic War Game of Feudal Japan!
A strategic war game set in feudal Japan. To become shogun you must build a strong samurai army, powerful alliances, and conquer your enemy with ruthless and devastaging military tactics.
Warhorse Simulations
New Balrog counters, new 'Ent' creature, and TitanGM (Fortran UNIX program for moderating play by email Titan games).
Information on all wargames: errata, variants, reviews, and links. Emphasis on board wargames.
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