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Basement Gamers Website
Offers reviews, and list of games played.
Board Stiff
At the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, in New York, US. With information about meetings and games played.
Boardgame Players Association
A worldwide group of boardgame enthusiasts, and host of the annual World Boardgaming Championships with tournaments in 100 popular boardgames.
Caste of Players of Kaissa
Information about the caste.
Game Night
Devoted to the fans of gaming, this site also serves as the home of a gaming group located in northeast Ohio. Information about the gamers and the board games they play.
Games Club of Maryland
In Maryland, USA. Plays board games and card games. Features information about meetings, games played, conventions, and game reviews.
Got Dice?
Gaming group based in the Northeast Illinois / Southeast Wisconsin area. Mainly plays European style board and card games. Includes game reviews, ratings and session reports.
Houston Gamers
A loosely organized group in Houston, USA. With session reports, members, and photos.
Million Minute Family Challenge
A group oriented organization attempting to increase family and community togetherness though games in the United States. Offers a national minute counter, board games history, game ideas, and an FAQ.
Morat's Boardgamers
A small group of boardgame fans from Cornwall England who meet to discuss and play boardgames form around the world. Mainly focussing on 'German' derived games. Site includes Boardgame reports and reviews.
Q-Sig Games Club
Home of the Q-Sig Games Club, at the Ugly Fox Lounge in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, playing all types of games.
The Chessmen
Based in New York, USA. Games played, session reports, and articles.
The Piddinghoe Gamers
Based in East Sussex, UK. Participates in weekly sessions, largely devoted to German strategy games. Includes session reports and articles.
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