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Blood & Cardstock
A game where players are studio executives making movies in Hollywood. Cards contain cartoons of actors and directors, which are color coded as to the genres of film at which they excel.
Official site, which features rules, hints, and variants. Also cartoons, online or downloadable games, links, contests.
Champions of the Galaxy
Includes information on the game, links, auctions, and FAQs.
CKC International
QuickSingle is a card game based on the sport of Cricket. It is a game of luck and strategy.
Counter Punch
Contains information on the game, how to play, and sales.
Crazy 8ths Musical Card Games
Official site for this educational game, where children learn to read music by playing games with musical cards. Rules and description.
Dark Cults
Descriptions of cards, rules, chat room, and a message board.
Days of Wonder
Publisher's site, with description, rules, forum and online play.
Days of Wonder
Publisher's site. Gang of Four is a game of Cunning, Strategy and Power. Originating in the gambling backstreets of Hong Kong.
Days of Wonder
Official site of the game, with a possibility to play the game online, if you have one of the publisher's games.
Dutch Blitz Games
Publishers official site with rules, hints and tips and how to buy the game.
Dvorak the Nomic Card Game
Rules for this do-it-yourself card game, with a full archive of past decks.
Contains description of the game, detailed basic and advanced instructions, pictures of the game, and distribution.
Hanafuda / Kabufuda
History, card images, rules and scoring.
Hand 'n Foot Game
Publisher's site with description, rules and purchase.
Head to Head Baseball Inc
Publisher's site with description and rules.
Hot Death UNO
Variant game with rules plus downloadable and printable cards, and a PC version.
Iron Bear Studios
Creators of games with an historical flavor, including Siege and Mission:I.S.S.
James Ernest Games
Official site with a description of the game.
Killer Bunnies & the Quest for the Magic Carrot
The site devoted to a non-collectable, expandable card game. Publisher's site.
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