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Advanced Primate Entertainment
Creators of the Cyberpunk and Dark Horizions roleplay gaming modules. Also has downloadable free scenarios for both games.
August Games
Publisher of board and role-playing games including Road Kill Rally a unique car-based game.
Battlestorm Gamer's Reference
Resource for low-tech gamers who need information on the Battlestorm game system.
Brick Commander
Unofficial web site featuring Mechs and vehicles from the Battletech universe. Details and photos of models created with LEGO in minifig scale.
Clash of Arms
Manufacturers of a wide range of rules and boxed sets that cater for many naval periods.
Classical Hack
Developers of a non-tournament historical set of rules; set in the Ancient period, as well as providing information on tactics, armies and scenarios for Ancient wargames.
Crimson Skies
The official website for the new Crimson Skys game from FASA. Includes fiction, ideas, settings, and background information for use within the game.
Dragon Storm
Fantasy roleplaying game featuring the artwork of Susan Van Camp.
Fire As She Bears
Publishers of a selection of naval combat rulesets for use with wooden sail ships.
Flagship Games
Producers of wargaming rulesets covering historical, fantasty and science fiction genres. Also produces several lines of 25mm resin-cast wargaming ships and accessories.
Holistic Design
Publishers of miniatures based role playing games including 'Noble Armada', 'Ships of the Line' and 'Fantasy Encounters'. Quick reference sheets and other gaming aids, online shop and announcements.
Ik War Machine
A tabletop minuatures skirmish game set in the Iron Kingdoms game world, populated with iron robotic creations.
Inner City Games Designs
Designer of the popular 'Fuzzy Hero's' game, along with many other role-playing products, miniatures, and toys in combat.
Operation Plastic
Developers of a ruleset that uses children's plastic army men instead of miniatures. Features sections on updates, previews, frequently asked questions and ordering information.
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Publishers of a wide assortment of rulebooks and rulesets for gaming in many periods and settings. Creators of the popular Rail Wars and Deadlands titles.
Piquet Master Rules for Wargaming
Publishers of the 'Piquet' master set of rules and period supplements, gaming scenario books and campaign rules. Rule system descriptions, online shop for products and product announcements.
Ral Partha Europe
Publishers miniatures based games 'VOR: The Maelstrom' and 'Crucible: Conquest of the Final Realm' as well as 'Crimson Skies', a character based board game. Online shop, rule descriptions, gallery and painting guides.
Seekrieg Naval Wargame
The official web site for the Seekrieg Naval Wargame rules and a host of resources for all naval wargamers.
Task Force Productions
Publisher of Combat Commander, a set of WWII wargaming rules as well as distributing other rulesets, accessories, reference materials, terrain and miniatures.
Time Portal Hobbies
Publisher of the Time Portal Passages military gaming magazine. Also publisher of a selection miniature rules for several eras, including Napoleonic, Colonial and WW2 amongst others.
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