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Ace Models
Specialises in 1/72 scale armour (tanks), and complimentary accessories including acid etched brass frets and decals.
Acheson Creations
Manufactures a range of 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm resin cast buildings, from many historical periods and ancient cultures through to buildings of the 20th century.
Produces several pewter miniature lines, along with stocking the Vallejo range of hobby paints. Also produces customised scenic items and offers a miniature painting service.
Amazon Miniatures
Amazon Miniatures produce 25/28mm biblical, Ancient, historical, modern, sci-fi, fantasy Miniatures & Microscale. Including ranges of Amazon Miniature Studios, QT, Dixon, Garrison, SKT, Admins and Pendragon, Rose New Prestige, Stadden and Global Games Europe.
Assassin Miniatures
Sculptors of miniatures for both gaming and showcase collecting enthusiasts.
Baccus Minis
Producers of a range of 6mm miniatures and accessories as well as several historical publications and rulesets.
Battlefield Miniatures
Manufacturers of 20mm World War II historical miniature figures for the wargamer and collector.
Specialising in WWII wargaming models and miniatures in the 15mm (1:100) scale, including reproduction of vehicles, troops, armour and scenic items for tabletop wargamer.
Black Tree Designs
Carries the Harlequin Miniatures range, along with producing its own ranges including miniatures from Dr. Who, Babylon 5, Lord or the Rings, and various historical periods. Also provides rules, and painting and modelling guides.
Brigade Models
Manufacturers of several ranges of white metal and resin miniatures, including science fiction pieces, buildings and accessories.
Bronze Age Miniatures
Producers of a small range of original miniatures in collectable and wargaming sizes. Also produce a range of jewellery in brass.
Cannon Fodder
Offers detailed 30mm scale Cape Wars, Sudan, Italian, Sand Pebbles, and Anglo-Irish War miniatures, many with unusual poses or character.
Castaway Arts
Produces a selection of historical miniatures in 25mm scale, including Sumerians, Old Kingdom Egyptians, Midianite Arabs/Camel Nomads, Gladiators, Zagros Highlanders/Gutians, and Early Hebrews.
Chiltern Miniatures
Producers of 28mm wargaming figures and scale buildings for skirmish wargames, with WWII, Vietnam war, modern forces, Greek mythology and science fiction genres covered.
Confrontation (Fr)
The Confrontation range from manufacturer Rackham. Editor Note: Site in French.
Crocodile Games
Producer of a range of alternative, fantasy Egypt miniatures. Hoping to do the same to Ancient Greece next.
Crusader Miniatures
Foundry's Mark Sims official site. Has many comical orc, dwarf and pirate miniatures, suitable for wargaming or diorama construction.
Manufacturer of the Battlemeter and Statracker Sub-base system for miniatures and war game players. An interlocking, formation and statistical miniatures base product.
Deep Strike
Designs, paints and creates armies, vehicles, individuals and terrain.
Denizen Miniatures
Respected company that produces several ranges of white metal pieces that include a 1/43rd scale motor sport related range, 25mm fantasy and science fiction ranges and a 90mm fantasy females collectors range.
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