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Bangor Wargaming and Roleplaying Society
Located in the Bangor University. Resources for current members as well as those interested in wargaming and roleplaying in the North Wales area.
BattleGroup Boston's Bunker
A support site for the historical miniatures wargaming club BattleGroup Boston. Information on joining the club, club mailing list and useful articles on gaming.
Fanaticus Virtual Community for DBx Gamers
An online club promoting De Bellis Antiquitatis and related gaming rules. Wargaming and historical resources, forum, bookstore and online marketplace.
Flatlands Gaming
Miniature and role playing gaming group in central Illinois. Games include the Great Rail Wars, Deadlands, Fields of Honor, Lost Colony, Weird Wars, and Savage Worlds. Resources, gallery and contact information.
Galaxy Comics Online
Gaming club and retailer located in Wichita Falls, Texas USA. Focus on Games Workshop products. List of events, rules information, gallery and discussion forum.
Guildford Wargames Club
Based in Guildford, Surrey. Plays most periods and figures including board games. Meeting timings, directions to club location and links.
Halifax Wargames Society
Play wargames based on all periods. Photo gallery, location guide, club news and links to local re-enactment societies.
India Wargamers
Wargaming club in India. Games played includes Piquet, Ancient and Medieval Warfare, Crossfire and De Bellis Multitudinis. Battle reports, campaign notes, articles, and profiles of players.
Iron Brigade
An informal group of friends from North East Scotland. Focus on American Civil War. Gaming and game show reports, articles, future plans and photo gallery.
Jersey Association of Gamers
Meets in the NYC Metro area. Plays historical, fantasy and science fiction, miniature and board games. Meeting schedule and re-caps, game reviews and contact information.
Las Vegas Gamers Club
Las Vegas area gaming club focusing on Games Workshop titles, miniature gaming, role playing, collectible card gaming and board gaming.
Long Island Wargamers Association
Meets in Bay Shore, New York. Plays historical miniature wargames and board games. Club schedule, campaign notes, photos, wargaming resources and membership details.
Louth Wargaming Association
Table top wargaming with Warhammer 40K, as well as model painting and terrain construction. Player profiles, wargaming scenarios and contact information.
Manchessia Gaming Club
Located in Bellevue, NE. Plays mostly Games Workshop games. Club news, forum, warhammer and fantasy resources.
Mid Somerset Wargamers Association
Plays a wide variety of wargames in most periods and scales. Battle reports, club schedule, contact information and picture gallery.
Milton Keynes Wargames Society
UK club focusing on tabletop wargaming. Historic games cover periods from ancients to second world war using De Bellis series, Fire and Fury. Has a fantasy wargame group which specialises in Warhammer gaming.
Minnesota Miniature Gaming Association
A volunteer organization dedicated to promoting miniature gaming in Minnesota (USA) and the surrounding regions. Information on local gamers, gaming events and contact information.
Napoleonic Miniatures Wargame Society of Toronto
A 6mm Napoleonic Miniatures Wargaming club whose objectives are to simulate large scale Napoleonic battles on a reasonable sized table from start and finish battles in one meeting.
Newark Irregulars
Wargaming club in Newark-on-Trent, Notts, UK. Hosts of the Partizan shows namely Fantasy/Sci-Fi Partizan in February, Partizan in May, and The Other Partizan in August each year.
Northern Utah Wargamers
Mostly concentrating on Games Workshop games. Features forum, chat, and player aids for download.
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