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Ancient Temple of Miniatures
Contains a selection of galleries of painted miniatures for tabletop games, including fantasy and science fiction genre figures.
Angus Creighton's Modelling Archive
Official site of Angus Creighton which outlines past projects, techniques, and articles on aircraft and military models, many of which have featured in Tamiya Modelling's magazine.
Galleries of painted and converted miniatures from a selection of genres and games including a variety of out of production pieces.
Blaze's Corner of the Web
Offers help for those new to painting wargame miniatures. Experienced gamers may also find helpful information for painting their figures from the photographs and tutorials.
Chest of Colors
Miniature artist Mahon's new 'official' website featuring galleries of miniatures, tutorials and tips on painting, information on his painting services and a great collection of links.
Cool Mini or Not
The largest publicly-submitted miniature picture gallery on the Internet. Also has a range of user contributed articles on painting and an active forum.
Curdled Milk
Features galleries of both painted, and work in progress pieces, as well as a selection of links.
Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic
Offers product reviews, articles, pictures, collections and step by step conversion and painting articles.
Dragon Miniatures
Official site of miniature painter Mayne Thiele, which includes a selection of galleries, and painting tips, as well as information on commissioned works and auctions.
Electric Ocean
Contains miniature Painting news, tips, photography and Photoshop tutorials and galleries of past and current projects.
Lear how to paint with the painting and modelling guides, with hints, tips, how-to's along with many photos from the world's most famous painters.
Jenova Project
Has to offer a selection of galleries of previously painted pieces, as well as tips and tutorials on miniature painting and a painting service.
Kevin Dallimore Online
Personal site of Foundry's head painter and developer of the painting style now adopted by Foundry, Kevin Dallimore. Features extensive galleries from Ancient to science-fiction, through interests such as Renaissance and Victorian-era to Dr Who and LoTR.
Knight Quest
A German BloodBowl feature site which includes galleries, information and a league.
Showcase site of eight time Golden Daemon winner, Thomas Schadle. Also offers articles and modelling hints and tips.
Official site of the Mini-A-Week project, and along with guides on painting, has galleries of conversions, original sculpts, and finished painted miniatures.
New Dimension Studios
Two galleries of various 25-54mm miniatures including models from Games Workshop and Rackham.
Details the painting and collection efforts of miniature artist, Gerrard Boom for both his terrain and figure collections.
Slapping Paint
Official site of respected miniature artist Craig Stocks. Has a selection of galleries and tips and tricks on painting 25-28mm scale figures.
Slave to Paint
Shows the talents of miniature artist Peter Bell in several galleries that are set to expand.
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