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Drinking Games
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Beer Checkers
Drinking version of classic Checkers game. Includes rules, variations, and purchase information.
Beer Fun
Drinking games involving cards, coins, dice and lots of beer.
Features Beerpong rule variations, famous stories, survey, discussion forum, and online store.
Offers rules, strategies, variations, message forum, and articles about the game Beirut.
Boingo Games
Proud manufacturer of the Wheel of Intoxication, a very social board game with a drinking game theme.
Death Ring
A site with drinking games (over 1,000), as well as mixed drink recipes and other entertaining things.
Drinking Games and Rules
Offers rules and instructions to hundreds of popular drinkng games divided by categories.
Database of drinking games categorized into thirteen categories.
Resource for drinking and party games.
Has beer pong, beerpong tables, mixed drinks, drinking games, buddy icons, party pictures.
Offers Beerpong history, rules, game variations, and techniques. Also includes rules for a selection of other drinking games.
I've Never Game
Drinking board game played to reveal what players really have or have not done. Includes game details, retailers, and other purchase information.
Group dedicated to competitive beer drinking. Includes stats, news, and message forum.
National Beer Pong League
Rules, forum and merchandise for a great drinking game - Beer Pong
National Beirut League
The Official National Beirut League's website on tap 24/7. Free tourneys with cash prizes.
Two-person drinking game played with dice. Includes rules, statistics, and list of other drinking games.
Offers rules for a selection of drinking games categorized by game type.
Information about the drinking game Beirut (also known as Panama or Beer-Pong). Offers in-depth advice from the pros, an interactive quiz, and a discussion board.
Terrapin Tables
Offers information on tables and how to build them.
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