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9th Level Games
The official KOBOLDS ATE MY BABY!The Beer and Pretzels RPG website. Includes game information, errata, free downloads, and maps.
Developer of Continuum, the time travel RPG, and Yamara, comic strip and RPG.
Alderac Entertainment Group
AEG is a publisher of Shadis Magazine - the source of information about hobby gaming industry. Most known AEG games: Shadis and Legend of the Five Rings.
Anarchy inK Corporation
Publisher of deadEarth.
Atlas Games
A publisher of roleplaying games, card games, and board games, including Unknown Armies, Lunch Money, Over the Edge, On the Edge, Once Upon a Time, Ars Magica, Spammers.
Atomic Sock Monkey
Contains a product list, purchasing and company information.
Aurora Games
Table top science fiction roleplaying in a world of real science. Our aim: to create a fantastic world of imagination and discovery, where everything is real... or could be real.
Battlefield Press, Inc.
Includes an online catalog, company information, convention scheduling, and product details.
Independent publishers of the Masters and Minions series and other expansions.
Brittannia Game Designs Ltd
Publishers of 'Chivalry and Sorcery', the original medieval Fantasy Role Playing Game.
Burger Games
Finnish game company publishing games in Finnish and English.
Chaosium Games
Publishers of Call of Cthulhu, Elric!, Pendragon, Nephilim RPGs as well as Starry Wisdom magazine and Mythos CCG. Chaosium were also the original publishers of RuneQuest.
Clockworks Games
A publishing company dedicated to the creation and production of role-playing games.
Cloud Kingdom Games
Publishes riddle and puzzle resources for roleplaying games.
Columbia Games
Publishers of Harn, a 'magic-weak' FRP setting, and its detailed gazeteers and rules system, Harnmaster.
Cracked Mirror Publishing
Contains information on current and upcoming games.
Crosstime Games of British Columbia
Developers of two RPG systems, Elemental Axes and Star Runners.
An independent d20 System electronic publisher of rpg accessories and supplements, founded by Brian K. Moseley.
Deep 7
Publisher of 1PG, Arrowflight, Mean Streets, Red Dwarf, Santa's Soldiers, and various downloadable systems. Features online catalog and shopping, fan material, an art gallery, and a forum.
Dream Pod 9
The home site of Dream Pod 9 on the web. With links to their products and online ordering available
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