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Manufacturers and Gunsmiths
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Al Edge
Gallery of Virginia longrifles made by Al Edge, representative of firearms for sale. Includes production photos of a 12 gauge shotgun, as well as contact information.
Axtell Rifle Company/The Riflesmith
Manufacturer of the New Model 1877 Sharps black powder cartridge rifle and rifle sights.
Black Hart Long Arms
Maker of replica 18th century long guns
Purveyor of blackpowder firearms, supplies and accessories.
Cabin Creek Muzzleloading
This gunsmithing shop offers semi-custom and custom made muzzleloading rifles recreated in the styles of the 1700's. They also have gun kits, accouterments, used guns and a full range of muzzleloading gunsmith services.
Caywood Gunmakers
Builder of English and French Fusils.
Cliff Fuller Antique and Accessories
Antique firearms dealer, specializing in muzzle loading sporting firearms, reloading tools, and accessories.
Connecticut Valley Arms
Accuracy depends on the shooter and the equipment being used. When the powder charge and projectile are matched up properly, an experienced shooter can achieve 3' groups or better at 100 yards with CVA rifles.
Contemporary Longrifle Association
Collectors, makers, and students dedicated to the making of contemporary longrifles, accoutrements and related items made within the twentieth century.
Custom Muzzleloaders
Offering custom made black powder rifles, handmade knives, gunstocks, and knife handle blanks.
Davide Pedersoli
Produces modern, historic and replica black powder pistols, rifles and revolvers in many popular calibres.
Dixie Gun Works
Black powder guns, antique gun parts, and muzzleloading supplies.
Donelson Custom Muzzleloaders
Designer and builder of custom black powder rifles, smoothbores, pistols, hand-forged knives, hawks, and tools needed by buckskinners, reenactors, shooting enthusiasts, and collectors.
Jim Chambers Flintlocks
Jim Chambers Flintlocks, Ltd., Getz Barrel Company, and Bob Lepley of L & G Woodcarving, have teamed up to give you the best of what each has to offer.
Knight Muzzleloading Rifles
Learn more about Knight in-line muzzleloading rifles and accessories. Locate dealers, buy on-line, check out the newest information. Site includes information about Scentmaster hunter scent control machine.
Leipers Fork Flintlocks
Custom made black powder flintlock rifles and pistols built by Greg Murry.
Longhunters Mercantile Inc.
Dennis Dimeck, the owner, has been an avid outdoor enthusiast since he was a youth. Dennis has been a toolmaker and gun builder his entire career.
Merriman Gun & Knife Works
Makers of reproduction black powder knife pistols.
Museum and Collector Specialties
Repairing, restoring, and re-creating historic field guns, their carriages, and support vehicles. Business maintains an ongoing research interest inLoomis' Battery, lst Michigan Light Artillery (Battery A).
Muzzle Loading Hunter Store
Discover muzzle loader hunting with muzzle loading news, inline rifle guide and extensive FAQs.  Shop now for muzzle loading rifles, bullets, sabots, and accessories.  Secure ordering.  Fast shipping.
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