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Powder and Gun Parts
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Antique Shooting Tool Collector's Association
For those with interest in collecting and study antique shooting related tools such as bullet molds, ball moulds, loading and reloading tools.
Big Bore Express Ltd
The amount of force needed to start an ordinary projectile down bore is often more than sufficient to cause deformation and ruin its ballistic qualities. Black Belt Bullets are one-thousandth of an inch underbore and the Power Check is slightly overbore.
Black Powder Net.
Web Site sells a book on how to make black powder.
Black Powder SPG
Black powder reloading and shooting supplies. Home of 'The Black Powder Cartridge News' magazine and archives.
Black Widow Bullet Company
Manufacturer of advanced conical muzzleloader bullets; providing full sized, reduced weight bullets for the hunter and sports shooter.
Dixon Muzzleloading Shop
Dixon Muzzleloading Shop in Kempton, PA publisher of 'The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Longrifle' by Chuck Dixon
Elephant Black Powder
Manufacturer of black powder for sporting, hunting, fireworks, pyrotechnics, mining, blasting and military uses.
Flying Cloud Trading Co.
A family owned and operated supplier, with a complete line of supplies and equipment for black powder and modern guns.
Jedediah Starr Muzzleloading / Blackpowder
Muzzleloading and Blackpowder Cartridge Firearms, Kits, Components, Ammunition and Accessories for the Builder, Hunter, Shooter, Re-enactor and Collector.
Black powder and muzzle loading accessories. Wide variety of hunting and shooting supplies, including powder horns, starter kits, ramrods, cappers, flasks, and cleaning kits. provides quick access to muzzleloader products and information.
Pecatonica Long Rifle Supply
Manufacturers of 98% pre-inletted black powder rifle and pistol stocks and kit's. extensive line of longrifle, plains rifle stocks in 5 grades of Maple, Walnut, and other woods available.
The muzzleloading propellant for black powder hunting.
Solco Manufacturing
Revolutionary solvent dispensing firearm cleaning rod. This cleaning rod delivers cleaning solvents, copper bore cleaners, oils, and even soap and water for black powder shooters.
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