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Benchrest Pictures Gallery
A collection of photos from international benchrest shooting events.
Beretta World
Dedicated to the '92 series of Beretta handguns. Information ranges from custom Beretta firearms to plans for Lego pistols. Includes pictures, technical data and articles from magazines.
All about Beretta firearms. Includes a history of the Beretta model 92 series, Beretta's exploded Views, Beretta's Owner's Manuals.
Features links and information about guns, safety and personalities like John Browning and Eugene Stoner.
Exploding Groundhog Productions
Features information about varmits and high power rifle competition.
Modern Firearms and Ammunition
Features an encyclopedia of modern firearms including pistols, shotguns, rifles, and SWSs. Offers technical data and photos.
This site includes pictures of firearms, a supply of manuals in PDF format for downloading (ranging from the M16 to the Remington 870), and a collection of links relating to shooting.
Russian Mosin Nagant Page
History, articles, diagrams and take down instructions for the Mosin-Nagant rifle. Includes related discussion forums.
Firearms reference source. Photos of military, assault type weapons, machine guns, pistols as well as other little known and seldom seen weapons.
Dedicated to the Simonov Self Loading Carbine (Samozariadnyia Karabina Simonova or SKS). Includes pictures, historical and technical data for the Russian, Chinese, Yugoslavian, Romanian, Albanian, German, Vietnamese and Korean variants of this classic rifle.
The Jump - Deer Hunting and Louisiana Fishing Site
A collection of photos, tips and articles about hunting and fishing in Louisiana. Includes a message board, classifieds and a humour section.
Trapper Phillips Shooting Page
Information about personal collection of rifles (Russian SKS, Model 92, Swedish Mauser, Steyr 1912), handguns (GP100, Springfield 1911, Ruger P89, Walther PP and others). Includes links and info.
Varmint Al's Hunting Page
All about varmint hunting, from equipment to environment. The experiences and opinions of a veteran hunter and some links related to varmint hunting.
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