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1000 BiT
Database of vintage computers, documentation, brochures and advetisements, with many images. Users can provide trade or want lists. English/Italian.
A Computer Collectors Site
Information about how to collect old computers, and help with reading and converting old disk formats.
Ancient Computer Community
A collection of obsolete computers, peripherals and game consoles, with a library and photo gallery. Has a member's area for messaging.
Binary Dinosaurs
On-line computer museum with photographs, articles and some humourous commentary.
Classic Computer Online Museum
Information about Commodore, Sinclair, and other computers, with photographs and articles about game programs.
Computer Museum
A collection of IBM mainframes, peripherals, memory systems and troubleshooting equipment.
Computer Museum TonH
Ton den Hartog's museum with computers, calculators, and other electronic devices, as well as books, magazines, and a want list and for sale list. Has an automated slide show to display items in the museum.
Dragon Data Archive
A collection of Dragon Data Ltd (UK) computers, hardware, software, and advertisements, with photographs, publications, and a swap shop.
Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection
Includes such classic systems as Apple, Atari, Commodore, Mits Altair, Osborne, Kaypro, IBM PC. Includes a discussion forum.
Ex-USSR and Russian computers
Photos and information on former USSR and Russian computers, and cpu`s.
Obsolete Computer Museum
A large collection of obsolete computers. Includes photographs and a 'Help Line' for questions and answers.
Old Computers
A collector maintains a list of old computers, with additional information and downloads.
An on-line museum with photographs, articles, and a collectors club with a forum and chat.
Retro Computer Gallery
Computer collection comprised mainly of photographs of selected machines and software and magazines.
Ron's Mousepadmuseum
Ron's collection of mousepads, with many scanned examples.
Stefan's Old Computer Collection
A personal collection of old computers, screenshots of classic bootscreens, brochures, and downloadable vintage software. Also has a buy/sell computer market.
The Classic Computer and Gaming Show
An annual trade show featuring old computers and video games, for collectors and enthusiasts.
The Jim Austin Computer Collection
A collection of old computers from the 1960s and onward.
The Nascom Home Page
A large collection of information about the Nascom computer kit of the early 1980s, with manuals, software, emulators, and photographs.
The Pocket Computer Museum
A collection of calculator-like programmable pocket computers from the 1980s, with photographs and trading information.
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