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4QD Electronic Speed Controllers
United Kingdom based manufacturer of electronic speed controllers for battery electric miniature railway locomotives.
A J Reeves
Drawings, castings and many other items including the Don Young designs.
Alan Keef Limited
Manufacturers and suppliers of large scale railways from 10?in Gauge upwards.UK.
Backyard Rails
This site documents the now defunct manufacturer 'Backyard Rails'.
Blackgates Engineering
Suppliers of miniature railway drawings, locos kits etc.
Bramhurst Mainline
5in Gauge Burton Agnes Hall Steam Locomotive in kit form.
C&D Pedal Trains
C&D Pedal Trains is a hand-powered train on a 7?in gauge portable track. Available for hire only.USA
Cannonball Ltd
Cannonball Ltd is a 1?' scale, 7?' and 7?' gauge manufacturer and supplier of model railroad locomotives, rolling stock, power trucks, freight trucks, rail and misc accessories. USA.
Carr's Locomotives
Canadian based manufacturer of 7?' gauge, electric locomotives for the serious large scale railroad enthusiast.
Cheddar Models Ltd
Cheddar Models Ltd are manufacturers of model marine steam engines and accessories, locomotive and traction engine boilers.
Compass House
Supplying engineering tools and small machines together with live steam models and electric powered diesel electric model locomotives in 5in and 7?in gauge.UK.
Cromar White Railways
Manufacturer and supplier of rail, trackwork, bogies, rolling stock, locomotives.
D.Hewson (Models)
UK manufacturer of 5in gauge scale products.
Dave Noble Model Engineering
Kits and components for constructing 5in gauge wagons.
E and S Lines.
Model train builder, large scale locomotives that are diesel powered. US.
Eastern Machine Works
Manufacturers & suppliers. USA.
Fincken Miniature Railways
Miniature railway supplier.UK
Flashers R Us
Manufacturers of flashing lights for miniature railway locos and crossings. USA.
Suppliers of steam fittings for miniature locomotives. UK
Ikon Engineering Ltd - Locomotives and Trains.
Designers and manufacturers of a large variety of small-scale locomotives and rolling stock, up to 750mm gauge. NZ.
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