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Collecting Insulators
Information on the hobby of collecting insulators and related collectibles. Contents include pictures of insulators, history of companies, patents, where to find insulators, manufacturing details, insulator terminology, books on the subject, and background on the hobby.
Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine
Magazine dedicated to the collectors of historic glass and porcelain insulators used by telegraph, telephone and electric power utilities. Includes value finder and subscription information.
Glass Insulators Reference Page
Insulator collector's resource and information for glass, porcelain, and telegraph insulators. Contains show calendars, clubs, history, identification, glossary, tips, and links.
Christian Willis' personal insulator site featuring pictures, want list, collector information, cartoons, photo album, and links.
This collector's site includes a glass insulator CD162 signal color reference, glass insulator auction, direct sales and a colorful collector's gallery.
Insulator Gurls at Large
Follow the odyssey of two Canadian insulator collectors, who refuse to take themselves seriously.
Insulator News & Market Report
Here is a commercial advertising a high-end, industry specific journal that serves the commercial electrical market as a source of information on international developments in power transmission and distribution.
Provides space at no charge for insulator and go-with collectors to maintain a site. Also a directory of member sites.
National Insulator Association
This site provides detailed information about the National Insulator Association. Photographs related to collecting glass and porcelain insulators and significant historical data are also available.
Open Wire Insulator Services
This commercial site presents the details of a full range of collector services including on-line insulator auctions augmented by an optional full color hardcopy catalog, consignment services, insulators bought and sold, apraisals and an email contact.
Glass insulators in the San Francisco Bay Area, insulator hobby go-withs, related oddities and totally unrelated oddities too.
Porcelain Insulator Collector Site
Clint's page is dedicated to collecting porcelain signal type insulators in general, as well as glass, spools, Johnny Balls, and bells.
Porcelain Insulators
Collector, research expert, historian's site
Rainbow Riders Trading Post for Insulator Collectors
Collector's site
Spec-Tru Glass Color Reference Tool
A color reference system combining the functions of colorimeter and spectrograph as a tool for cataloging the colors in glass collections, or describing colors of insulators, bottles, jars, and other colored glass.
The Dripped Signal
This site is dedicated to those collectors who inspired by history, stimulated with color and shape, developed this wonderful hobby of insulator collecting. It includes pages for 'Teats On The Petticoat', 'The 1893 Drip Point Patent', 'A fantastic! Graduation of Color', and 'An easy way to remember the basic styles'..
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