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Kitesurfing, Kitebuggying and Traction kiting in Dublin, Ireland. Resources and photos.
Close Headquarters
Flying tips for kite traction enthusiasts, plus photographs, buggy site locations, events diary, and a message board.
Doomwheels Kite Skating
Off-road, in-line kite skating with lessons and building instructions by Bob Childs plus kite traction photos, videos, articles, forum.
Extreme Kites Australia
Power and traction Kiting sports including kite surfing, buggying, mountain boarding, scudding and jumping. Site features forums, kite reviews and faq.
Imperium Aer (Power Over the Wind)
For traction and power kite users from beginners upwards. Features pictures, tips for beginning kiter's and buggy pilot's with a message board and links to other kite sites.
Kite Blading
Photos, tips, forum, members area and other useful information for kite skating enthusiasts.
Kite Masters Buggy Team
Dutch buggy team offers an insight to power kiting in the Netherlands. Site contains sport info, photos and a buggy hot-spot map. Dutch and English.
Kite Skating / Kite Landboarding Resource Center
Sport history, instruction, and resource links specific to kite powered skating and skateboarding.
Kite Snowboard
All about kite powered snowboarding with photos, instruction, and equipment sources.
Kite Sports on the Island of Tiree
Promoting traction kiting on the Island of Tiree. Site also contains travel information and what you can do when there is no wind.
Nice and easy kitebuggy pages about the Kitebuggy-scene in Belgium.
A determined attempt to use kites to power large and commercial ships.
A comprehensive instructional resource for all forms of power kiting. Site includes popular UK kiting locations, forum and chat.
North American Buggy eXpo (was SBBB)
Premier annual international kite buggy and kite ATB races held at Ivanpah Dry Lake, USA. Featured races include Circuit, 50 Mile Enduro, Team Enduro and Freestyle.
Power Kiting In Chesham
Photo galleries of power kiting in the UK.
Rolley's Kite Buggy Life
Kite traction info site dedicated to parakarting, kite buggying, and land surfing in Blackpool, Fylde Coast UK.
Saharan Exploration
Kite buggy expeditions in the Sahara Desert.
The X-Zone
All forms of power kiting including kite surfing, kite buggying, kite jumping and paragliding taken to the extreme. Includes photos, movies and forum.
Traction Kiting in Scotland
Promoting all aspects of Traction Kiting in Scotland. Kite ATB, Buggying, Recreational and Kite Surfing.
Wind Wizard
Dan Rubesh provides information and resources for kite buggy events in Southern California.
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