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A-W Sportsware
Coaching and stat software for high school programs.
Athletic Rules Study
Markets computer software that helps increase the rules knowledge of high school athletics for officials, coaches, student athletes, parents and spectators.
Coaching Staff, The
resource center featuring articles, tips, a message board, and a directory of coaching sites.
Digital Scout
Provides software on Palm handhelds that collects sports statistics, tracks performances, generates scouting, and game reports for football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, and softball.
Elite Sports Analysis
Provides sport statistics and performance analysis software with video editing for coaching purposes. Also generates statistics for basketball, soccer, and other sports.
Endeavour Software, Inc.
Produces database-driven multimedia and professional sports application.
Holly Software, Inc.
Football and basketball coaching tools.
Hy-Tek Ltd.
Supplier of sports management software for swimming and track and field team management.
Kids' Sports Bulletin Board
offers news, articles, coaches code, and more.
Lawn Bowls Coaching
news, notes, and articles about the coaching of lawn bowls.
LJC, Inc.
Offering strength training software for coaches to design and administer workouts to a large group athletes.
offers tips and instruction, including online videos covering a variety of sports.
National Alliance for Youth Sports
national non-proffit organization that has programs for Parents, coaches, administrators, and officials.
Rugby Coaching Archive
features topics like fitness, motivation, setting up a club program, nutrition, injury prevention, and more.
Seaside Software
Video analysis software for biomechanics analysis. Works for tennis, baseball, gymnastics, track and field, and other sports.
Sports Automation
Track meet management software. Demo, pricing and ordering, and tech support information.
Sports Coach
provides information on a number of coaching and training topics that will assist athletes prepare and implement training plans and develop their athletic skills.
Sports Motion, Inc.
Offers computerized video capture and analysis systems to provide coaches with sports motion training tools including instant-replay, freeze-frame, slo-motion, and electronic chalkboard.
online digital library for sports and recreational instructional videos.
free service that allows for the storage of team statistics on the Internet in a professional and easy to read format.
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