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Shortwave and DX Listening
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DX and Radio Groups
DX Listening
Frequency Schedule and Programming Guides

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Amateur Radio World-Wide - NW7US
HF radio propagation, operation, equipment, as well as amateur (HAM) radio in general, and also a large collection of SWL, Shortwave and DXing resources.
Bluegrass DaVinci Fellowship
Details the activities of a group of enthusiasts who meet regularly to pursue interests in shortwave radio. Includes member photograph albums, activity dates, current propagation conditions and related links.
Coastal Radio
Worldwide marine and coastal radio information, including frequency lists, logs, and links to live audio.
Compendium of radio monitoring information, including general beginner's information, international broadcasting news, and resources to monitoring hobbyists of all stripes, including ham radio.
HFCC - High Frequency Co-ordination Committee
Co-ordinates transmission schedules of about 60 organizations from more than 30 countries.
Intereval Signals Archive
Interval signals, signature tunes, and identification announcements from international, domestic, and clandestine radio stations around the world. Requires Realplayer G2.
On The Shortwaves
Devoted to the history of shortwave radio. Features early radio articles, book reviews, and other references for DXers and collectors.
Radio Portal
Interactive search engine for HAM radio operators and shortwave listeners. Offers information on all frequency ranges from VLF to UHF.
Save the BBC World Service
Website of listeners who are opposed by the decision by the BBC World Service to end shortwave broadcasting to North America, Australia and New Zealand in July 2001.
Shortwave Reception Station
Personal site; Berlin shortwave monitoring station shows QSLs, audio recordings of AM stations and photographs of the equipment and author.
Spy Centre
A resource for information about Shortwave Spy Number Stations.
The DX Home Page
From Klaus-Dieter Scholz, includes DSWCI news, shortwave schedules, station news, radio station addresses, ITU abbreviations list and tips for shortwave newcomers.
The Overcomer
International broadcast of prophecy. Includes shortwave, satellite and live internet broadcasting.
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