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Photo gallery, instructions for making and using boomerangs and boomerang poetry.
Crazy Boomerang Production
Includes images of many composite boomerangs hand made by Pierre Kutek. Also includes a selection of plans.
Dimana Boomerangs
Technical information about the high tech composite MTA boomerangs designed by Georgi Dimantchev.
Flying Frog Boomerangs
A small gallery of boomerangs for sale. Throwing instructions, safety tips and links to other boomerang sites.
Gunter's Boomerang Page
Homepage of a member of the Boomerang Association of Australia and the Boomerang Throwing Association of NSW. Includes results of the 2001 Australian National Boomerang Championships, results of tournaments run by the Boomerang Throwing Association of New South Wales in 1999 and 2001, and photo gallery.
Herm's Boomerang Page
Contains pictures of the enthusiast's boomerang collection, as well as links and downloadable plans for building boomerangs.
Hubert Foulon: A Tribute
A memorial site in honor of Hubert Foulon (1940-2000), one of Belgium's boomerang pioneers. Hubert was both a boomerang master and artist. Pictures of his boomerang activities and paintings.
Jens Krabbe's Boomerangs
Galleries of photographs taken during competitions, plus the private collection of Jens Krabbe.
My Boomerang Collection
A picture gallery of purchased and made boomerangs, including links to vendor sites.
Robert Burwell
Robert Burwell's life including a gallery of old photographics of boomerang practicing.
The Art of Boomerang
A picture gallery and contact information for Alan Scott Craig's hand-crafted boomerang art.
TVS Boomerangs
Photographs of a personal collection of boomerangs, purchased and homemade, as well as links to manufacturers.
UV Lightrangs
Includes photo gallery of different types and simulation software results.
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