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Professional Cheerleading Teams

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Alberta Cheerleading Association
Canadian group provides competition dates and results, judging, membership information, and pictures.
American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors
A non-profit educational association which provides safety certification and training for coaches and cheerleaders.
Australian Cheerleading Association
This guide to cheerleading down under provides tips on starting a cheer team, links, and discussion forums.
British Cheerleading Association
The Governing Body for the athletic discipline of cheerleading in the UK, BCA is a non-profit, community based organization representing numerous clubs.
Competitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan
Highlights of the site include news, tips for coaches, membership information, and resources such as videos, forms and links.
Golden State Spirit Association
Members' information area, news, classifieds, directories and conference updates.
Illinois Cheerleading Coaches Association
Find information on membership, annual conference, regional and state competitions, and history of the organization here.
Long Island Cheerleading Coaches Association
Competition results and photos, membership, standards, and links included.
Michigan Cheerleading Coaches Association
Resource for membership information, scholarship opportunities, competition guidelines and results, links, and history.
Minnesota Cheerleading Coaches Association
Overview of membership, activities, events, coaching opportunities, forms, and training.
Missouri Cheerleading Coaches Association
Membership information, conference and scholarship news, and events.
Ontario Cheerleading Foundation
Official site, registration, list of meetings and member's contact numbers.
Oregon Cheerleading Coaches Association
Board of directors, rule changes, competition criteria, and team recognition included.
Pennsylvania Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors
Provides membership, award, conference, clinic, job and judging information.
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