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Commuting and Advocacy
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Critical Mass

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An Un-American Activity
A rather provacative article by Mark Jenkins that appeared in the January 2000 issue of Outside Magazine. The author promotes the benefits of choosing the bicycle as a vehicle to the benefit of both environment and health.
Benefits of Bicycle Commuting
A one page resource published by the Sacramento Transportation Management Association lauding the benefits of considering bicycle commuting by both workers and employers. Various tips and suggestions are offered.
Bicycle Advocacy and Education Center
From the League of American Bicyclists. Practical tips for safe and effective handling of many situations common to bike commuters.
Bicycle Commuters
An MSN Community forum for those who use bicycles for transportation.
Bicycle Commuting
Part of the Sierra Club's eFiles series, this site provides five tips for promoting the bicycle as an alternative means of transport.
Bicycle Commuting - Bike to Work
A Yahoo! Groups mailing list devoted to the discussion of transportational cycling to and from work. Subscribers are invited to share stories, photos, tips, and experiences.
Bicycle Commuting and Lights
A collection of articles focusing on the illumiation needs of vehicular cyclists. Included are reviews and opinions with respect to various commercial systems. Recommended for any commuter who finds themselves cycling in the dark.
Bicycle Commuting Guide
A comprehensive resource for both the novice and experienced bicycle commuter. Published by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, this site provides tips and suggestions regarding accessories, safety and all-weather riding. There is also a section to encourage employers to support your cause.
Bicycle Commuting Now
A Harrisburg, PA, area bicycle commuter's bLog. Day-to-Day antics and views ranging from tool reviews to daily experiences.
Bicycle Commuting Options for Cities
Presented by Sustainable Enterprises, this article offers a brief survey of methods intended to reduce dependency on automobiles and remove them from the inner city.
Bicycle Commuting Suggestions
Personal anecdotes and suggestions from a seasoned bicycle commuter, Jennifer Hodgdon. Subjects include clothing and equipment.
Bicycle Commuting: Thousands do it, you can too!
Wrapped within the publicity of Bike-To-Work activities in Madison, Wisconsin, this series of pages offers several pointers for novices considering the switch to bicycle commuting. There is also a section aimed at educating the employer about tolerance and accommodation.
Bicycling and Walking
Bicycle and pedestrian resources primarily aimed at residents in the Arlington County, Virginia, area. Nonetheless, there are many articles and resources that could benefit any bicycle commuter. A sub-site of the greater
Bicycling Life
A useful and relevant resource for those wishing to use their bicycles for touring and commuting. Includes many articles and links that will appeal to novice and expert alike.
Bike People
Essays and philosophy designed for the 'New Urban Cyclist'. Part of the Living Room organization which endeavors to cultivate the concept of sustainable, environmentally conscious communities.
Bike Web - Bicycle Commuting
A sub-site of John Korber's 'One World, One People' project, this resource offers a compelling treatise on the merits of bicycle transportation as a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative means of transportation.
News, reviews, and articles of interest to those who choose to commute by bicycle. Also home to a database of commuter profiles submitted from around the country.
Contains articles and information intended to promote awareness of the multiple benefits resulting from the development a more bike centric transportation lifestyle.
Boulder, Colorado, based group encouraging passive, anti-war protest through the switch from auto dependency to bicycle transportation. General information, photographs, links, and contacts. Commuting
A discussion forum centered around the topic of bicycle commuting. Threads include subjects such as living car-free, safe riding, clothing selection, and common commuting issues.
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