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Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Information on bicycle helmets, standards, and cycling laws; the helmet advocacy program of the Washington (DC) Area Bicyclist Association.
Legal advice for injured cyclists hurt in traffic accidents or by defective cycling products. Founder Bob Mionske is a cyclist and attorney, and a two time Olympian and former US National Champion.
An illustrated guide to bicycle safety, including an illustrated guide to how to not get hit by cars.
Bicycling articles by John Allen (& guests)
Articles on bicycle safety from an expert.
Bicycling Life's Safety Advice Page
A large site that covers vehicular cycling concepts, including riding and maintenance tips.
Bicycling Road Hazards
How to survive road hazards such a slick spots, railroad tracks and pot holes.
Bicycling Street Smarts
A compact tutorial on how to ride a bicycle in mixed traffic. Advocacy and Safety Forum
Topics include helmet safety, children's bicycles, and bicycle advocacy.
Vehicular cycling email discussion group.
Commuting and Road Safety
A forum to chat about commuting and road safety.
eMedicine Health - Bicycle Safety
Consumer health resource center providing bicycle safety information.
First Aid for Injured Mountain Bikers
Descriptions and photos of typical mountain bike injuries, with immediate care, assessment, and treatment.
John Forester's home page
Vehicular cycling information from a pioneer in the field.
MassBike Bike Laws and Legislation
Links to the bicycle laws for US states and beyond.
Melbourne Magpies - Watch Out Cyclists!
Provides details of local locations for cyclists to avoid.
National Bicycle Safety Network
An American coalition of public and private organizations and agencies working together to increase safe bicycle use. Great resource for safety issues, especially traumatic head injury reduction.
Palmetto Cycling Coalition
A non-profit organization dedicated to making South Carolina safe for all cyclists.
On-road bicycling advocacy.
Safe Cycling Lessons
Safe cycling tips from the Lawrence Livermore Lab in California (note - applies to U.S. road law).
Seidler Productions
Traffic education for kids, public service announcements, links and bicycle safety products.
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