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Andrew's Fencing Site
General information about the sport of fencing, with links to various British fencing sites.
Chaos Coordinator's Fencing Pages
Fencing Website devoted to the fun side of Fencing. Competitive and recreational fencers are welcome to browse and submit.
Evil Erin's Evil Nook
A look at the sport of fencing from the lighter side. Fencing related humour, movies, cartoons and general ramblings.
Farce Fencing
Information on the sport of fencing. The weapons - foil, ?p?e and sabre. Listings of all the fencing clubs located in Australia. Links to other fencing related sites.
Fencing in Greece and UK
A personal web page about Fencing in Greece and in the UK.
Fencing on the Texas Coast
History of Fencing on the Texas Coast 1970-1989 by John Trojanowski. Also links to local clubs.
Fencing reference site with news, links, vendors and a list of colleges with fencing teams or clubs.
Johnathan Corrales Innvations
Fencing icons, cursors and screen-savers for free download.
Club listing, events, results and a bulletin board for fencers in Maine.
Mo Mansoori
Background history and results of this British saber fencer.
Paul's Fencing Page
Some details about the author. Personal comments on equipment and a small amount of information on Fencing in Ireland.
Rye's Fencing Info
General information about fencing as well as details of the different weapons.
Sherraine MacKay
Biography, pictures and news of this Canadian ?p?eist.
Personal reflections on the sport of fencing.
Overview of the various forms of swordsmanship, from classical to Olympic to martial arts.
Tales from the Piste.
Fencing biography of Sam Signorelli, includes a beginner's guide to rules, format and ettiquette in fencing competitions, with particular reference to Southern California.
The Fencing Shrine
Contains articles, an image gallery, links, and fencing tales.
The Nick Evangelista Fencing Homepage
Author's page with a number of current and historical of photos.
The Salute
Jeremy Sprouse's page with a fencing tutorial, humor and links to other fencing sites.
Tihon's Fencing
Information on fencing equipment and contacts and pictures from Croatian fencing clubs.
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