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(IGOR) International Grandmasters of the Roundtable
A worldwide organization open to all practitioner. Includes torunament news, newsletter, and related information.
American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts
A democratic organization of students and instructors of all ranks, from all styles, seeking to improve the level of competency within the martial arts through a mutual exchange of knowledge. Includes history, ranking policy, teaching levels, curriculum, news, events, membership, and area chapters.
Ao Denkou Kai International
Founded on the theory and practice of vital point applications found in traditional martial art techniques. Features an instructor profile including articles and books. Also offers information on the style, seminar calendar, techniques, and photos.
Australian Martial Arts Association
Organization for martial arts clubs in Australia. Features event calendar, photos, and related links.
Budokwai Martial Arts Association
Information on a variety of martial arts styles, classes, events and courses. Based in the UK membership is open to all martial arts practitioners irrespective of style or grade.
Bushi Karate Jitsu Association
International organization dedicated to bringing together martial instructors and styles from around the world. Includes news, photos, instructor profiles, member clubs, and glossary. Also features videos reguiring Windows Media Player.
Canadian Martial Arts Game Committee
Formed to unite the brotherhood of all Canadian martial artists and to enhance the value of the martial arts. Sponsors multicultural competitions covering Chinese Martial Arts, Ju Jitsu, Karate and Taekwondo. Includes event list and rules and divisions for each style.
Chuldow Martial Arts Official Squad Site
Here you can find information about upcoming tournaments, results and league placings, as well as squad training times and upcoming events.
Combat Martial Art Practitioners Association
Helping all serious martial artists receive the recognition and respect they deserve. Membership details, rank verification, books, links, training courses, certificates, articles, school directory and distance learning program.
Dragon Society International
Organization for the promotion of Torite-jutsu. Information on schools, instructors and rank requirements. Includes videos, books and clothing. [Stuarts Draft, VA]
An organization for all styles. Headquarted in Lewston, New York, USA. [popup adds]
European Union Martial Arts Organisation
They seek instructors to join in developing the arts throughout Europe and the world.
Hanshi No IInkai
Information for senior martial artists who hold the minimum rank of 8th Dan and a Hanshi title. Promoting traditional Japanese martial arts. Lists members, founders and events.
Independent Martial Arts Federation
Serving martial artists of all styles/systems with fellowship, sharing of information, promotion and recognition. Includes fees and application form.
International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association
Combat oriented, multi-styled organization. Includes philosophy, membership information, FAQs, techniques, the Three Ways, photos, encyclopedia, Hall of Fame, training courses for instructors and related links.
International Fighters Federation
Ranks and promotions, school charter, membership, seminar and links.
International Guild of Black Belts
A professional membership guild for Black Belts from all martial arts styles.
International Martial Arts League
Association for martial artists of all styles. National and world championships held every year.
International Society of Headfounders / Headfamilies
The ISHH is a international organization which is dedicated to recognize and promote qualified Martial Arts Grandmasters.
International University of Martial Arts
Dedicated to all Budo styles so that they might work together while maintaining their own structure. Includes a summary of Budo, structure and history of the organization, event and seminar calendar, IUMA shop, general information about Japanese culture, video clips, browser games, and related links.
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