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British Sumo Federation
The official site for sumo wrestling in the UK including news, events and pictures.
California Sumo Association
Contains overview of sumo within the United States and the sport's bid to become an Olympic sport. Also, features news, events calendar, history, photo gallery, champions, and links.
Contains information on tournaments, wrestlers, news, and history.
Czech Sum? Union
Promotes sumo by expanding amateur and starting professional sumo in the Czech Republic and European communities. Features tournament schedule and results, photo gallery, videos, classifications, and links.
European Sumo Union
The official website for sumo wrestling in Europe with information on events, results and pictures.
Infrequently Asked Questions: Sumo
Heights and weights, salaries and allowances, details of all tournaments held since 1909. Plus many other questions answered that were never asked before.
International Sumo Federation
Organization for the promotion of amateur sumo at the international level
Japanese Sumo Wrestling
Introduction to Japanese Sumo wrestling including ancient prints and terminology.
Rowy's Sumo Site
A collection historical sumo articles in English from various newspapers from Japan, dates 1800's to the 1990s.
Stefan Gelow's Sumo Page
A page for sumo enthusiasts with statistics, records, trivia and links about sumo.
Sumo Information
Features a comprehesive FAQ that details various aspects for the sport, from historical to technical. Also includes results of past events, and searchable statistics.
Sumo Ring
A webring for Sumo enthusiasts
Sumo Shimpo
E-zine and that serves as the voice of Southern California Sumo Kyokai. Contains monthly archive of news, tournaments and photos along with contact information. Based in Long Beach.
Includes several topics for discussion and reference material.
The American Sumo Association
Educating current and future fans on the Japanese sport of Sumo. Includes history, rules, rankings and American competitors.
Unusual Sumo photos
Humorous and light-hearted pictures from the official Sumo Association calendar 2000
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