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Tae Kwon Do
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Contains information about history, ethical backgrounds and techniques. Information about ITF and WTF, Korean terms and links to other martial arts pages.
Future Black Belt
Information on the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do. Includes links and information on forms (hyongs).
Informal History of Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do
Discusses Tae Kwon Do's origins and influences in general, concluding with Chung Do Kwan history.
International Karate Circuit
Tournament circuit in the southeast United States. Includes competition information, links, photographs and schedule.
ITF Taekwondo Resources
Information on the history of the ITF, Korean terminology, ITF forms and pictures.
Justin's Guide to Taekwondo
General information, history, tenets, ITF patterns, quizzes and terminology. [Korean/English]
Lisa's Taekwondo Page
Chronicles a woman's taekwondo journey with her son, including information learned.
Moo Duk Kwon TaeKwondo
Photos showing activities including promotion testing and masters doing breaking techniques, mostly during the 1970s.
Olympic Taekwondo
Offering videos by Han Won Lee, the coach of the USA Taekwondo olympic team for 2000.
People and Events of T'aekwondo's Formative Years
A history of this martial art by Dakin Burdick, PhD.
Pil Sung Martial Arts Supply
Offers full line of Adidas Tae Kwon Do products including uniforms, head gear, black belts, mitts, shoes, and t-shirts.
Steve Conway's Taekwondo
Features self-defense advice, humor, links and a reference for the Taegeuk patterns.
Tae Kwon Do
Contains a reference to the tenets, grades and terms used in TTA Tae Kwon Do.
Contains information about ITF-style forms, stances and moves. Includes links.
Taekwondo Bibles
Articles on the philosophy behind Tae Kwon Do.
Taekwondo by Taekwonjim
ITF pattern and rank information, theories of power, photographs and links.
Taekwondo in Australia
Portal site for practitioners of Taekwondo in Australia.
Taekwondo in Pakistan
Offers to host club information. Includes terms, belt-system information and links.
Taekwondo Junkie
Includes information on sparring, forms, health and culture.
A secure online shopping resource for the Taekwondo enthusiast including sparring gear, uniforms, shoes, and videos.
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