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Back Street Inline
Speed skates and equipment for inline and ice skating, as well as accessories, quad, and figure equipment. Includes Skater's Junkyard, a source for used skating equipment.
Bill's Skate Shop
Hockey, figure skating, inline and lacrosse equipment and accessories shop in British Columbia, Canada.
Cyclone Taylor Sports
Hockey, figure and inline skates and equipment.
Figure 8 Boutique Limited
Figure and hockey skates, skating dresses and supplies. Requires Java, Netscape Navigator 4.63 or higher, or Internet Explorer 4.5 or higher.
Harlick Skating Boots
Boots for ice and roller skaters. Includes photo gallery of skaters who use Harlicks.
Maker of sport shoes with a wheel housed in each heel for sidewalk skating.
Inline and quad hockey, speed, artistic, recreational and ice skates and accessories. Online ordering.
Northern ICE
Offers backyard ice skating rinks, in various sizes. FAQs
Usenet FAQs for ice, roller, inline, and racing newsgroups.
Riedell Skates
Boots for ice and roller skating.
SK Skates Ltd
Sells figure, speed, hockey, and discontinued skates and blades. Provides made-to-measure service and a price list of other skate maintenance services.
Inline skate braking systems.
Protective tape for skating boots, to prevent scuffs and tears.
Ice, roller, and inline skates and apparel.
Skates On Haight
Artistic, dance, speed, kids, and custom built roller-skates. Featuring Riedell, Dominion, Pacer. Includes rollerskating accessories.
Offering skateboards, skateboard trucks, bearings, inline skates and roller hockey gear.
SkatingSafe, Inc
Reduce soft tissue injury caused by new figure skate boots and bruises and fractures caused by unwanted falls by using virtually invisible gel pads.
The Nordic Skater
Detachable ice and roller skates that clip onto boots with a quick-release binding, and safety equipment for ice skaters.
The Skaters Junk Yard
Buy, sell, trade used equipment.
The Skates Depot
Sells all types of skates for ice, roller, quad, figure, and inline. Includes parts and accessories. Features rental program for rinks and arenas.
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