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About Inline Skating
Inline skating articles and tutorials. Includes a skate buying guide and a 'how to' section with skating technique tutorials and instructions for performing many different skate maintenance procedures.
Quad and inline skates, boots, wheels and supplies.
Get Rolling
Inline skating articles and tutorials by book author and certified skating instructor Liz Miller and photographer/writer Dan Kibler. Includes an event calendar, book store, and links to related sites.
How to Inline Skate With Your Dog
Tips and equipment required to skate with a dog on a leash. Includes links to related sites.
Ike's Rollerskate Outlet
Shop in South Carolina, USA. Website has online ordering.
Inline Planet
Inline skating articles, interviews, tutorials, and product reviews by Robert Burnson. Includes links to related Web sites.
Kite Blading
An introduction to the sport of skating with a kite using the wind for power. Includes a general introduction to kite sports, a kite skating tutorial, action photos of kite skating, and a forum for asking questions.
Kylies Skating Clip Art
Roller skating clipart, pictures and animated images. Includes speed skating, artistic skating, animals skating, cartoon characters, and other images with a skating theme.
Myco Artistic Skating Supplies
Rhinestones, sequins, Swarovski crystals, embellishments, embroidery, boots, plates, wheels. Shop in Fowlerville, MI.
National Museum of Roller Skating
The Official Web site for this Nebraska museum includes historical articles, photos, contact information, and a store.
Quad and inline roller skates sold online, including artistic, speed, outdoor, aggressive and hockey.
Articles and information about quad roller skating including photos, video clips, skate buying tips, skate maintenance, suppliers, memorabilia, exercises for skaters, and links to related sites.
RS Web
News, photos, events, and information about artistic, hockey, and speed quad roller skating. Emphasis is on U.S. regional, U.S. national, and world championship events.
Skate FAQ
Anthony Chen's comprehensive general skating reference answers frequently asked questions about inline skating including how to skate, how to stop, how to turn, how to do tricks, and more. Also includes several very detailed skate buying guides and skate maintenance guides, and articles about many other inline skating topics.
A frequently changing collection of articles about inline skating and quad roller skating including news, skater profiles, event announcements, photo galleries, tutorials, and buying guides. Edited by Kathie Fry.
Hockey, inline and quad indoor and outdoor roller skates and accessories. Online ordering.
Skater Place
Illustrated instructions for performing various inline skating maneuvers, including stopping, falling, getting up after a fall, and turning. Also includes skate reviews and skate-buying tips. In English and German.
The Verical Skate Company Inc.
The hot new vertical roller skate that is taking the country by storm! With dual articulating axels, grind plates, easy snap straps, and chassis design using Catia V5, this is perhaps the most capable street skate in the world.
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